Before commenting, PLEASE read the commenting rules. It will make us both happier, you and me. Especially me.

Sorry, folks…

I have submissions in the hopper, but I’ve been ten and twelve hour days at the day job, so I haven’t been able to keep up.

Things should be calmed down by next week.


  1. How dare you interrupt my internet surfing habits with your “reality”!

    Seriously though, unless you are OCD about posting take some time off from this for the holidays and enjoy your family.

  2. Nathan:

    You should ask for a volunteer, maybe, to help you so that you can take off now and again. Just an idea.

    And please, no apologies! It’s not like we’re paying for this, although it’s true that some submitters might get antsy–but I’m sure that they also understand that you’re human.

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