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The Renewing of the Mind Project

The author says:

The title tells much of the story. It is a religious book about transforming yourself and your mind and becoming a better person.



Nathan says:

I really like it.

I’m not sure that the wide letter spacing isn’t a bit overdone, but other than that, I have no criticisms.

Anybody else?


  1. It works and looks exactly right for the genre. But yeah, I’d definitely go with tighter, more conventional spacing for the byline.

  2. We have a winner!

    I agree with everyone else–the tracking on the author’s name can be reduced. Waffles idea isn’t bad, but I’d try a bar of that same green of the byline at the bottom of the book instead.

  3. Yep. Looks great and letter spacing in the byline is a little wide. I think the byline good be a smidge more solid, but it’s not a deal breaker.

  4. I don’t see anything wrong with it either, though I should mention it probably won’t stand out much from any of a thousand other titles just like it in the “inspirational” and “self-help” sections of any book store. Guys in big beautiful landscapes with their hands thrown up to the sky are also pretty common on the covers of Christian Contemporary Music CDs.

    In short, it’s well-designed, but don’t expect lots of sales on the strength of the cover alone.

  5. Thanks guys for the feedback! This is my first time trying out this site and it is nice to hear the feedback being I work alone. I agree about the over-used idea of “victory” or hands up…Grrr! That is the challenge, to get beyond those common ideas. Thanks again, The client liked it, but I need to go deeper with my ideas. You guys/gals have helped me!

  6. Hi: hope you’ll see this–for your client’s purposes, you really need a 3px grey border. Amazon has a requirement, for “catalog images” (the covers that you see on the website, in other words, when you are browsing, or viewing a particular book) that they not have white backgrounds. While your cover (nicely done, mind you) isn’t white per se, it has blocks of white. To ensure that your client’s book doesn’t bleed into the page, add that almost-but-not-quite invisible metal-grey border, very small, tasteful, unobtrusive but purposeful.

    Hope that helps.

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