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The author says:

A Fanfiction writen on the Watch_Dogs game franchise* It started in late 2014, the second assassianation attempt didn’t go as planned, leading the Fox and his hitwoman into a rabbithole of the company 1337 Electronics.(Go harsh, I’m new to this.)

Nathan says:

I know nothing about Watch_Dogs, the fan community thereof, or how fanfic is normally published in that unknown country.  So my comments are confined to basic design concerns:

  • I like it — the thin lettering, which is normally hard to see at thumbnail size, is surprisingly clear against the white sky.
  • Color? Any color? I’d probably add a gradient red near the base of the buildings that fades out as the buildings get higher.
  • Make your name/handle bigger — there’s no reason for it to be completely unreadable in thumbnail.

Anyone got some expertise in the field to lend?


  1. No fan fic expertise here. Just wanted to say that the font on the author name, plus the line with a curl in it above, for some reason made me think of cigarette packets. Not sure why. Not the whole cover, just the way the author name is done.

  2. Not bad at all!

    I would eliminate the decorative device above the name. It adds nothing whatsoever to the cover.

    Nathan is right about enlarging your name. Its placement is fine: it just needs to be larger.

    I don’t see any need to include any color. I think the cover works fine as it is.

  3. Agree with other comments. The image is very nice, but I’m not completely sure it indicates that much about the genre. The heavy fog makes me think more of a mystery (maybe sci-fi or urban mystery) than an action story. Color is worth playing around with, reds could add more of an action novel look and make it more eye-catching. It’s a great-looking cover as is, though, so I’m a bit torn.

  4. I looked up Watch Dogs out of curiosity – seems to be a game if I have the right one.

    Computer hacker, revenge for death of niece, game cover picture has man with gun in downtown Chicago all on a slant.

    Is the intention to sell outside of the fanbase of the game? If yes, do need to have a genre-telling cover.
    If no, could you use the franchise cover? Or should you make it look more like the franchise cover?

    Not sure if it is OK to say this on cover critics – but – am vaguely aware there can be legal issues with selling fanfic, as opposed to giving it away. Thought it a serious enough issue that I couldn’t not say it.

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