Before commenting, PLEASE read the commenting rules. It will make us both happier, you and me. Especially me.

Rules Before You Comment is a crowdsourced critique site.  No observation about the effectiveness of a book cover design is “wrong” if it is honest, even if one person loves a cover that 99 others hate (or vice versa); all that means is that, if the sampling is accurate, this cover would appeal to 1% (or 99%) of its audience.

Despite the fact that no opinion is wrong, there are definitely wrong ways to present it. Here are some guidelines:

No Snark, and No Hyperbole.  Remember, people who submit their covers for constructive critique here are looking for helpful ideas, not proof of how cuttingly clever your wit is.  (There is a place for such behavior.)

Critique the Cover, and Nothing But the Cover.  The point is not to critique the book concept, the genre, the author, the author’s various ancestors, other commenters, other commenters’ ancestors, etc.  The question underlying all matters of criticism on this site is, “Will this cover appeal to the audience who will enjoy the book it promotes?”

DO NOT MAKE A SALES PITCH FOR YOUR DESIGN SERVICES.  I appreciate the participation here of various design professionals. This site includes a page listing designers for hire which self-publishers, realizing that they don’t have the skills to make their vision work, can contact. PLEASE DON’T USE YOUR CRITIQUE COMMENTS TO TELL HOW YOU COULD DO THE JOB QUICKLY AND PROFESSIONALLY FOR A MODEST FEE.  Seriously. This site is not a forum to troll for clients.  The first time you do something like that, the offending comment will be removed and a warning issued.  The second time, you will be banned.

Ready to comment? Go ahead — submit a salient comment on the post of your choice. Once I approve your initial comment, you will be able to comment thereafter without delay.

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