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Fight: Become The Best Of You One Step At A Time

The author says:

This book is about challenging people to be their best, to beat the odds against them. It is about the need to better and how to become a better version of yourself. Its about not accepting the status quo. Its about fighting back and taking life by force.Its about reaching for the stars.

Nathan says:

If what you’ve given us is the mock-up you plan to give to your designer, that’s all well and good. If this is actually what you plan to present as your book cover, I think you had better step back and work with an actual designer.

Even when taking into account the foreshortened perspective of the book that isn’t reflected in the graphics (again: this is a mock-up, right?), the mismatched type aligned at random, the BRIGHT PINK cross the cover model (who seems to be wearing a shrug made entirely of Photoshopped dots), the completely unnecessary “VS” before the byline… all of it seems to be either a joke, or a dashed-off brainstorming idea which has not benefited from reconsideration.

Sorry if that seems cruel, but it’s the truth.

(Also: *It’s)


  1. I can only second what the others have said.

    The cover is simply all over the place. Four or five different typefaces and half a dozen different visual elements, none of which seem to have any relation to each other, let alone say anything about the book.

    I think the best thing to do is to simply abandon this cover and work with a professional on a new one.

  2. I’m pretty much in agreement with the other here as well, but I’ll put it this way: as it currently stands, your cover would earn you the “font overload” and “text and more text” and “busy, busy, busy” tags over on Lousy Book Covers. You do not want to earn those shameful tags, especially for a book in the already crowded and highly competitive field of motivational literature. Whether you spring for a professional or not, you definitely need to go for a completely different approach to cover design.

    If anything, I think your current cover is trying too hard. Aside from having three or four titles (and as many fonts to go with them), the clouds and stars and dots and frenetic person viewed from the back seem just randomly scattered on there like so many pizza toppings on a pizza. This does suggest the book contains a rather energetic approach to its topic, certainly, but also that it has the complete lack of focus typical to a hyperactive personality; like the cover, it will be incomprehensible and therefore unreadable.

    If anything, what you should be doing is almost the exact opposite of what you’re doing now: you should embrace simplicity and minimalism. Go for one title (preferably something short and yet memorable) and no more than two fonts (or even just one) for any and all necessary text on your cover. For the image, find one simple unified image to show your prospective readers (no cutting and pasting) or even none at all; some classic best-selling motivational guides like The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People have managed to succeed on the virtue of artfully arranged titles and bylines alone.

    In short, instead of the cluttered and frenetic approach you’re attempting now, try for a streamlined “strong and silent” approach with a more conciliatory tone. Try for something that will feel like a friendly pat on the back rather than the loud in-your-face retinal thrashing with which the current cover assaults your prospective readers’ eyes. Be nice to your target audience, and it’ll be nice to you.

    1. This post was particularly useful commentary, worth considering in every aspect. Of the several existent titles I would suggest “Become the Best of You”, as the sentiments behind “Fight” or “One Step at a Time” can be readily evoked by appropriate cover art. One lukewarm possibility, that just happens to be all I can think of on the spot, would be old black and white photographs of boxing matches you might find the public domain. This might be improved of one contender is horribly outmatched by the other, though in all cases it risks mis-identification as a documentary piece. I say black and white because that would be more subdued, and this would be your friend if looking to both inspire and calm a prospective reader at once.

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