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Mea Culpa: Bounced emails

Lordy, lordy.  I just got a metric crapload of error messages from my host’s email server (why it decided to dump them all today, I don’t know), notifications that messages sent to me from the contact form here were bounced back from my gmail account.  That means that ALL of these people sent covers for criticism, and I never got them. YEARGH.

Not only that, because the error messages are text-only, I still don’t have the actual covers, so I can’t belatedly throw them in the hopper.  My only recourse is to email back the original submitters, explain the problem, and have them resend directly to my email address.

If you’re someone who’s been waiting for your own cover to show up here, I can only point my fingers to our robot overlords and shrug apologetically.


  1. Bummer. As someone who occasionally has to wrangle with bounced email issues, myself, you have my sympathies. Do you know what forms server this site is using? (For the contact form?)

    1. From what I can glean from the accompanying technobabble, the problem largely stemmed from (a) the return email addresses not matching the originating server (obviously, as the return addresses were input by the submitters, and the originating server was my host), and (b) addresses being often used by spammers (all but two of the bounced emails were from people with addresses, and the other two were

      1. It also doesn’t seem to notice the enter key when you submit a novel. My comments on the book came through as a giant paragraph. 🙂

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