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Month – December 2017

Endless Realms

The author says:

Endless Realms is a Pen & Paper RPG system built from the ground up. We built a system that was easily accessible to newbies, but had that deep complexity longtime gamers enjoy. Our world does not fall into typical fantasy, even though we are a high fantasy game. We created everything from the ground up, and that means our races, classes worlds are all built from scratch. We did away with all the typical fantasy tropes and did something new and different. In terms of lore, our universe is rich and diverse, and expands far beyond the traditional RPG tropes of the genre. It borrows from real-world science, as well as mythology and history from all across the globe.

Nathan says:

I think the cover has the right mix of D&D-style design with original elements to signal to a browser that this is an RPG book.  My only beefs are with the type.

As you can see in the thumbnail, even the large words of the title get lost, because the partial band behind them aren’t enough to separate them from the background.  I would try putting them title in a white font with a dark border, not unlike how you’ve got “Core Rulebook” now.  You might still want the light band as a design element, but at least it won’t be the only thing separating the title from the background.

Apart from that, you’ve got three distinct ornate fonts — that’s at least one too many.  My rule of thumb is “the smaller the type, the simpler the font”; I’d put “Roleplaying Game” in something readable like a Garamond or Roman-influenced font.  “Core Rulebook” is also too pretty for its own readability.

Other comments?


The author says:

This is a sci-fi novel targeted for adults. The cover presented here is a layout concept. The story begins 50 years in the future as the protagonist and her husband travel to an exclusive resort on the Moon. A bioterrorist attack leaves most of the guests and staff infected with only days to live. The heroine goes into stasis to try and survive long enough until a cure can be found. She’s in and out of stasis for the next 200 years until the day arrives when she can take matters into her her hands.


What I see here is you’re trying to represent all of the story elements on the cover. Earth from the moon — check! Statis chamber — check!  Heroine and her husband — check!

However, do so means that your cover doesn’t have one central element on which to focus the eye.  Look at the thumbnail: The only thing clearly visible is the Earth, which is both generic and undramatic.

Find an image which will appeal to the readers who would appreciate the book. Maybe a skeleton, half-buried in moondust, with the earth behind it?

My first visual idea when I read your description, before I even say your cover, was this:

That’s the protagonist’s face front and center, and each of the vertical stripes is a section of a different color (present, though not as intense, on her face) with a different background, giving the visual message of one person in different times or places.

I’d have to play with it to see if it would work, but it does have the following things going for it:

  1. A focal point to the image.
  2. Structure.
  3. Color.

You want your cover to have the appeal of a movie poster, as opposed to the “Well, it’s in space” impression of your mockup.

Any other comments?

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